Iljin Electric to Establish Large-scale Industrial Compelx in Hongseong 2011.11.10

 Iljin Electric will invest a total of KRW 138bil. in establishing a large-scale industrial complex in Hongseong County of South Chungcheong Province by 2014.


 The South Chungcheong Provincial Goverment singed a memorandum of understanding with Iljin Group in August 2009. Under the agreement, Iljin Group also plans to construct factories for industrial components, machinery and metals by 2015 in the area across Gisan-ri, Dongseong-ri, Bugi-ri, Chuisaeng-ri in Galsan-myeon of Hongseong-gun County.


 The provincial goverment expects the investment would generate over KRW 2 tril. in production and create more than 13,000 jobs.

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