iljin electric

Total Solution Provider - Heavy electric machinery, wires, materials, EPC

50 years of history - Company that shapes the future with sustainable growth

Top. 3 of the domestic market share - Specialized heavy electric machinery maker

Constant challenges and technological innovation - R&D using 10% of sales

Products used in over 80 countries of the world - 80countries in the world

place of business (domestic & overseas) - Creating the best quality and services

能動人 - Nurturing talented individuals with enterprising spirit and creative thinking

  • Heavy Electric Business - Through permanent technical innovation and development research, we will be the sore of Heavy Electric Company in the world, which provides total solution for power transmission of electric industry.
  • Power Cable & System - Based on the best service and permanent development of research, we will play a role of central nerves of world connection.
  • Material Business - With the know-how and leading technology of ILJIN Electric’s Material Business Division, we will play a leading role in core-materials industry of the 21st century.
  • EPC Business - With 50 years Know-how on power electricity, we will provide the best Total Solution Service to create satisfaction for the customer’s needs including transmission, distribution, EPC business, SOC engineering, and renewable energy business.

    Heavy Electric Business

    Provides total solution for power transmission of electric industry

    • · High Voltage Substation Facility
    • · Power Distribution Equipment
    • · Fittings
    • · Smart Electricity Device



    Power Cable & System

    Performs with production, access, wire routing, and construction of high voltage cable - providing the highest cable Network

    • · Extra High Voltage Cable
    • · Extra High Voltage Accessories
    • · Medium & Low Voltage Cable
    • · Insulated Wire
    • · Overhead Transmission Line



    Material Business

    The specialist producer in ROD industry for power and communication cable of national and international

    • · Material



    EPC Business

    Based 50 years of know-how on power electricity to promote national and international comprehensive projects

    • · Energy Solution


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