iljin electric

Total Solution Provider - Heavy electric machinery, wires, materials, EPC

50 years of history - Company that shapes the future with sustainable growth

Top. 3 of the domestic market share - Specialized heavy electric machinery maker

Constant challenges and technological innovation - R&D using 10% of sales

Products used in over 80 countries of the world - 80countries in the world

place of business (domestic & overseas) - Creating the best quality and services

能動人 - Nurturing talented individuals with enterprising spirit and creative thinking

Products - ILJIN Electric is the driving force of Korea, reaching out to the world

System Turnkey Engineering

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We are regarded as high competitive Total Solution Provider in parts of providing power electricity and we are charge in research, construction, and procurement in substation, power station, plant, and electrical railroad based on the best product, professional experience and techniques.

With 50 years Know-how on power electricity, we will provide the best Total Solution Service to create satisfaction for the customer’s needs including transmission, distribution, EPC business, SOC engineering, and renewable energy business.

Today, ILJIN Electric, with the strength as a total solution provider, is working to increase export portion of revenue through turnkey project contracts covering generation, transmission to distribution. Since 2000, after entering international market with a focus on Western Europe and North America, we have been aggressive in establishing international network. Recently, by playing a pivotal role in managing increasing electric power demand in emerging market, we have been able to enter into the markets of 80 countries around the world.



• Delivery and supervision regarding of extension of six substations in Philippine Mindanao Island
• Construction project of secondary thermal power generation for Kumho petrochemistry
• 154kv GIS substation in Turnkey project for Seongdong Marine
• 230kv substation 1unit for Philippine Mexico, 138kv substation 2units for Philippine Negros – Panay
• 230kv substation 1unit for Philippine Mariveles, 138kv substation 2units for Philippine Mindanao
• 230kv substation 6units for Philippine Luzon Voltage Improvement
• 230kv substation 2units for Philippine Ormoc
• Substation Capacitor Project for Philippine Sultan Kudarat