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Digital Protection Relay (I-PCU)

Digital Protection Relay의 사진 0

i-PCU is a multi-functional power monitoring device including various protecting and metering elements for protection and monitoring of distribution and switching facilities and switchgear control. This product is suitable for protecting the feeder and bus for distribution lines and switching facilities or backup protection of transformers.


Iljin Digital Protection Relay controls switches for integrated monitoring and control of distribution and switching systems. It can also measure and record voltage, current, frequency, power factor, power level and power consumption.


[Feature & Advantage]

1. Protects from various forces and minimizes the power down section
2. Configures contacts by internal programmable logic 
3. Harmonics analysis
4. Presents vector diagram for voltage, current and phase
5. Provides current-time characteristic graph for relays
6. Provides operation history by recording events and wave shapes 
7. Provides self-diagnostics to monitor the operating status
8. Adopts a draw-out type to facilitate replacement and A/S